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Manpower consultancy is one of the core strength of the company. The company has worked on various Data Digitization & Training Projects. Also we provide manpower to others Sectors, thus Our Company provides a very big platform to all the recruiters catering to various types of segments in the job market.

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Construction & Infrastructure Development

Artha Brand solution has expanded its wings in the sector of Construction & Infrastructure Development.The company has recently empanelled up with CPWD for Delhi . The company is planning to pioneer this undertaking in Maharashtra and other states also

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E- Governance

E-Governance will play a major role in the future development of our country. With the government taking various steps to enhance our living standards, this will be one step that will take us to the next level. Artha as a company had this vision of recognizing the importance of E -governance in the initial stages itself.

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Training: Artha had taken various Training Programme on contract basis for Data Digitization, Aadhar Enrollment & others, where we had provided training to 1000+ candidates across different states in India for various Projects

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